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Outback Ministries

 The purpose of the Murphy Outback Youth Ministries is to reach youth with the salvation message of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing a safe environment before and after school, offering activities for youth to participate in where adults can interact one on one and build lasting relationships, meet physical and mental needs and share the truths of Scripture whenever possible. 

The Gospel Rescue Mission,GP

The Gospel Rescue mission of Grants Pass serves the needs of those who are homeless and looking to re-build broken lives in our community with the love of God and a lot of practical training.

Ethnos 360

Formerly New Tribes Missions, Ethnos 360  trains and supports missionaries to reach the most remote and un-reached of people with the life changing word of God.  Spend some time on this fascinating site.  Warning, this could ve life changing!

Pregnancy Care Center

Helping women make sound and informed decisions  about pregnancy and sexual health.

Prision Missions Association

Reaching prisoners with the Grace of God.

Wilderness Trails

Fun counts!  Wilderness Trails offeres summer camps for all age groups and is open for snow days and other activities year round.  .