Mens Breakfast

First Saturday of the Month

7:00 AM

At the Church

Coming Events


  March 3rd: Community Hymn Sing, Wolf Creek

March 5th: Senior Fellowship

March 10th: Turn Your Clocks Forward

Pot-Luck Meal & Fellowship

Board Meeting

March 15th- :   Youth Winter Camp

Ladies Prayer Group

Every Tuesday

10:00 AM

At the church

Ladies Bible Study

 Ladies’ Bible Study will continue going through the Book of Proverbs and discussing the value of Wisdom and the consequences of choosing Foolishness. This week we will be in Proverbs 7. We have changed our meeting location to Bev Sayman’s house. Please see her if you need directions. 

Adult Bible Study

Every Wednesday


At the church

Youth Group

General Meeting


Usually at the church ... Check the Bulletin

Special Events 

Announced in the bulletin or may be spontaneous. 

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Senion Fellowship


The Senior Fellowship had a good turnout for their first planning session. There will be monthly activities on the first Tuesday of each month. The next get together will be this Tuesday, March 5th. A potluck lunch is set at the Sayman’s home, where they will continue making plans for future activities. See Bonnie May