Daily devotionals


We at Grace Bible Church in Grants Pass are reading Our Daily Bread and the Bible together this year using one of the following Daily reading plans.  Please pick a reading plan and join us.

Our Daily Bread.  If you are prone to putting booklets down and “forgetting” where they are, here is an idea. Go to http://ourdailybread.org click the subscribe button, and then click to have the daily devotional sent to your email or smart phone.  Now you can’t forget.  There it is, in your in-box.  For me, this has added a blessing to “checking the mail.”

We are reading the Bible together using one of four daily reading plans.

  The New Testament reading plan will take you through the New Testament in a year, with weekends off to reflect on what you have read, or catch up if need be. 

The Read the Bible plan is just that - Genisus through Revelation.

The Chronilogical  reading plan will take you through the bible as it was written. 

New and Old Testament Bible Reading for the Year will take you through the Bible in a year reading some of each every day. 

These reading plans are available in the vestieule.  Please pick one up and join us.  They also make great bookmarks, so you won't loose your place in your Bible. 

The link to the Bible Gateway is provided as an easy way to look up your choice reading with plenty of research available .