Daily devotionals


We at Grace Bible Church in Grants Pass are reading Our Daily Bread and the Bible together this year using one of the following Daily reading plans.  Please pick a reading plan and join us.

Our Daily Bread.  If you are prone to putting booklets down and “forgetting” where they are, here is an idea. Go to http://ourdailybread.org click the subscribe button, and then click to have the daily devotional sent to your email or smart phone.  Now you can’t forget.  There it is, in your in-box.  For me, this has added a blessing to “checking the mail.”

New Testament

Reading Plan

Enrich your personal devotion time as you read

Through the New Testament in 2019

Read one chapter per day, five days a week. With

Weekends designed for reflection or catching up

If you have fallen behind

This reading plan is ideal for first-time Bible readers,

Young people who are taking initial steps in Bible reading, and those

On-the-go who need spiritual nourishment from time in God’s Word.

Read Through the Bible

Just what it says, a read through the Bible in it’s classic format. Genesis – Revelations 

Chronological Reading Plan

This reading plan will take you through the Bible as it happened in real time. 

The link to the Bible Gateway shown under the reading planss is provided to give you an easy way to look up your chosen passages. Once you have opened the link you can click on the Bible bar and change to the translation of your choice.

Daily Bible Reading Plans

Read The New Testament


 21 Reflection
22 Reflection  

  23 Hebrews 7

24 Hebrews 8
25 Hebrews 9
26 Hebrews 10
27 Hebrews 11
28 Reflection
29 Reflection 

Read the Bible


 21 - Joel 1-3
22 - Amos 1-5
23 - Amos 6-9;  Obadiah 1 

24 - Jonah 1-4

 25 - Micah 1-7

 26 - Nahum 1-3;  Hab 1-3
27 -Zephaniah 1-3;  Haggai 1-2
28 - Zechariah 1-7  

Chronological Reading Plan



• 21 Zech 1-7

• 22 Zech 8-14

  • 23 Est 1-5

• 24 Est 6-10

• 25 Ezra 7-10

• 26 Neh 1-5

• 27 Neh 6-7

• 28 Neh 8-10

• 29 Neh 11-13, Ps 126